Laser engraving, marking & etching

Professional Yet Beautiful Results With Laser Engraving and Laser Etching

From memorial plaques to industrial components, recipients of the awards appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of laser engraving and laser etching while industrial clients appreciate the durability of the permanent laser engraving process. Not many recipients or donors of these awards know what goes into the process that makes that engraving a work of art. It’s an intricate and delicate dance of science and art, to say the least.

Steps Taken From Design To Production

Usually a client will bring in a project or send in a drawing they would like engraved or etched by laser. Since laser marking can be used on metal alloys and most plastics, it is beneficial if the client knows what material their item is made from.

Once verified that the item or items are markable, the design that has been brought to the industrial laser marking specialist is programmed into the machine. The item(s) for laser etching/marking/engraving are then placed into appropriate fixtures at the machine so the laser beam can engrave the part.

Some might think a switch is flipped and the laser is on and ready to go, not true. Our programmers and engineers go through a very detailed process making sure all laser settings and variables are perfect and everything is lined up perfectly beforehand, as defects in the processing come from carelessness. When everything is set, the specialist or programmer hits the “go” switch, so to speak, and the machine takes over, engraving the design, script, serial numbers or barcode onto the item(s) specified by the client.

Some tests on “set up parts” might be done beforehand if the client is bringing in a “one off” or prototype to make sure that the final run on the single item is perfect. Very rarely are there any flaws in this process, as the people who run the lasers have been trained and are only hired with several years experience under their belts. Each section or vector of the item to be marked is done separately by the laser, but the end result looks as though it was one continuous process.

The end result on the products with our industrial laser marking are beautiful, permanent and professional looking. The markings will last indefinitely because of the laser process, and that is what many clients and customers like about it. Everything from medical devices, industrial components, measuring instruments and award plaques now opt for laser engraving for its enduring beauty and perfection.

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