Laser engraving, marking & etching

Custom Laser Engraved iPad for Your Company

Take a look at our beautiful laser engraved iPad! The engraving on the iPad is actually through the Gorilla Glass and into the material behind leaving the Gorilla Glass untouched. Our laser engraving technology provides you the ultimate way to permanently affix your company’s corporate identity on an iPad, iPad2, or new iPad.

Doing so makes the ideal corporate gift. It’s also the most elegant way to provide security for your iPad in case of theft, the laser engraved iPad has a glass backing which can not be removed and is a permanent part of your iPad—it’s the ultimate in iPad security.

Demonstrating a new app at a trade show on an iPad? What better way to make an impression than to have your logo custom laser engraved on an iPad.

How to Get Started

Interested in engraving an iPad with your company’s logo? Call one of our custom laser engraving specialists at +1 (800) 334-5273.

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