Laser engraving, marking & etching

Laser Etching Specialists, Serving all of the United States

Laser Impressions Inc. provides contract laser marking services, laser etching services, laser cutting services and laser engraving services to countless companies throughout the United States, larger and small. By delivering a superior level of quality, value and customer service we are confident Laser Impressions Inc. will be your vendor of choice.

Extremely fast turn time, validated processes, unmatched capacity and unparalleled repeatability are just some of the reasons to partner with Laser Impressions Inc. regardless of your location in the United States.

Prototype to High Volume Production Laser Marking, Laser Etching, Laser Cutting, and Laser Engraving for:

  • Medical Devices and Assemblies
  • Precision Industrial Components
  • Surgical Instruments including Cannula, Trocar, Catheter, Surgical Implants
  • Industrial, Sensor and Telecommunication Parts
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Control Panel and Rotary Dial Marking
  • Steel and Aluminum Mold Cores, Dies and Tool Engraving
  • Laser Ablation and Texturing (an alternative to bead-blasting)
  • Promotional Products including iPads, iPhones, Laptops, Tablets, etc.
  • Silicon Wafer Scribing
  • Almost all Metals, Composites, Plastics, Ceramics
  • Laser marking and laser engraving of Powder Coated, Painted, Anodized, all types of plating.
  • Banding, Date Coding, Logo Placement to ±.002
  • Vision systems at every laser add in process validation

Our range of laser applications is unparalleled and constantly expanding. Call +1 (800) 344-LASER or email us with your laser processing requirements and discover why countless companies throughout the United States partner with Laser Impressions Inc.

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