Laser engraving, marking & etching

Precision Laser Marking, Laser Engraving, and Laser Etching

In the medical, industrial and aerospace industries, the highest level of precision laser marking and laser engraving is required and Laser Impressions Inc. meets those requirements. Our processes can be used to create detailed, high-contrast images on nearly any material imaginable. For part identification, serialization or 2d code marking, part traceabilty, or the permanent labeling of products, there is no better choice than Laser Impressions, Inc. for your laser marking and laser engraving requirements.

For 35 years Laser Impressions has been the preferred laser engraving provider for countless semiconductor, medical, industrial and aerospace customers not only in Silicon Valley California but all across the US. Utilizing multiple CO2 lasers and eleven YAG lasers to provide extremely fast turnaround in production for both large and small volume production runs as well as first articles and prototypes. 

To achieve the tight tolerance engraving results that have made Laser Impressions’ laser process a critical part of manufacturing for such a diverse range of materials the laser parameters are tuned based on our extensive knowledge and experience. A variety of target materials can be engraved or laser marked using this process. In some cases, lasers are used to simply remove plating or anodizing, revealing a substrate just beneath the surface of the target material. Laser Impressions Inc provides a variety of laser engraving and laser marking options. Laser Impressions Inc has 35 years of experience providing control over contrast and other aspects of the final result depending on the target material to be laser marked or laser etched, the surface treatment of the material, and other factors.

It is also possible to change the color rather than etching into the surface of the target material. When a high-contrast mark with little or no depth is needed for product branding or marking, Laser Impressions Inc is will work with you to provide a solution for your laser marking needs.

Contact Laser Impressions, Inc. or call +1 (800) 344-LASER to learn more about your laser etching needs. Our staff will gladly assist you.

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