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Laser Marking Plastic Medical Devices

Laser marking plastic, Delrin, and ceramic is no problem at Laser Impressions. Our clients use the precise, laser engraving process for bar codes, 2d codes and part serialization in both large and small lot runs.

Laser Marking Plastic for Medical Devices

Now that plastic is common in the doctor’s office, manufacturers of medical devices have found that laser engraving medical devices offers many benefits such as mark clarity, permanency (no added paints or chemicals), and its ability to survive repeated sterilization.

The medical engraving process is approved by the FDA, so instrument and component manufacturers have one less hurdle in the product approval process. Laser marking plastic can produce a dark, smooth mark on most surfaces so the laser marking does not trap blood or tissue material and thus simplifies cleaning and sterilization. Delrin, Teflon, PEEK, Ceramic and ABS are examples of medical plastics that are commonly marked by the plastics engraving process.

To read more about laser marking plastic, please check out this article on Wikipedia: Laser Marking Plastics

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