Laser engraving, marking & etching

Laser Engraving, Marking, Etching, Micro Machining, and Cutting

Laser Impressions is the largest and most experienced laser engraving job shop in the western U.S. Established in 1980 to pioneer the serialization of silicon wafers for the semiconductor industry in Silicon Valley, California, we expanded into industrial laser engraving in 1984 and have continued to grow into medical engraving, aerospace engraving, brick engraving, donor recognition and promotional engraving.

We currently operate eleven laser engravers that are fully tooled to handle cylindrical
parts as small as 0.001 inch in diameter to flat sheets up to 4′ x 4′.

We Are the Original Laser Engraving Experts

We’ve been around for over 30 years and we know what it takes to achieve a quality mark on a variety of materials. Call and speak with one of our laser engraving experts today at (800) 344-LASER.

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