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Laser Engraving on Employee Gifts — Not Just for the Holidays

You’ve looked through catalogs and online trying to find the perfect employee gift item that can also function as a promotional tool for your business, but nothing has caught your eye. Perhaps the items themselves simply don’t appeal to your tastes, or you’re disenchanted with the idea that your logo could “rub off” over time, leaving behind a ragged display of your business’ identity for the world to see.

Many businesses today use custom laser engraving on employee gifts to solve these problems. Through the use of promotional laser engraving customized to your company’s needs, you can offer employees noteworthy gift items that function as solid promotional tools at the same time.

Small or large, Laser Impressions, Inc. is able to do custom laser engraving on objects that employees like to display. Key chains, knives, and even jewelry can be engraved to display your logo, trademark, or slogan. Our promotional laser engraving process is remarkably versatile, which allows our clients to be creative in developing the perfect image for display on a large variety of different gift items.

Custom engraved golf clubs or luggage tags, for example, are the type of items that make terrific sales incentives or vendor appreciation gifts. And you can be confident that over time, your business’ identity won’t wear away, become smudged, or even fade. Custom engraved images stand the test of time and convey a message that your business is rock solid.

Promotional laser engraving can be applied to objects made of wood, plastic, glass, crystal, or metal. Objects such as iPads, iPhones, or iPads top the wish list for many employees who readily use these items in populated areas with the business’ custom engraved logo in full view. Other appropriate employee gifts include laptops, glassware, hardwood cutting boards, or even knives.

The final image created on these items has the look of precision and quality that employees can be proud to display. Find the perfect gift item to fit your employee’s needs and then tailor your logo specifically to the object. Create a truly unique gift item that is both eye-catching, and memorable.

Laser Impressions, Inc. was established in 1980. We operate eleven laser engravers that are capable of creating images that offer precision down to 0.001 inches on objects that are as large as 4 feet by 4 feet. No matter what your custom laser engraving needs, Laser Impressions provides a high-quality, durable finished product. Personalize useful employee gifts with detailed images that won’t rub off or wear away over time and know that these items will communicate a message of strength, prosperity, and longevity.

To speak with a laser engraving expert about gift possibilities for your company this holiday season, please call (800) 344-LASER or send us an email.

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